5 movie bad guys who aren’t really that bad

We all have demons we struggle with on a daily basis. But in the case of investigative journalist Eddie Brock in the film Venom, his darkness is a two-metre alien symbiote that co-exists with him.

In order to live with the parasite (that wants to eat people!), Eddie agrees to meet it halfway.So, while Eddie is not a superhero, he is OK with doing the wrong things to achieve the right results.

There are other movie characters who stand right smack in the middle of this grey area. Here are five of them.

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Deadpool (Deadpool)

The guy in the red suit is the epitome of an anti-hero. His kill count is continuously on the rise, but it’s hard to hate him.

And when he does a good deed, he does it with swagger, a whole lot of swearing and with some pop culture references to boot. No wonder Prof X goes hiding whenever Deadpool comes knocking on his door.

Everyone loves Deadpool, for he always comes through in the end.

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Magneto (in the X-Men movies)

Now this is a man with plenty of demons on his burdened shoulder. His tragic past fuels his anger to destroy mankind. He then recruits mutants for all his terrible deeds.

However, Magneto is easily swayed into doing the right thing when his pals – specifically Prof X and Mystique – show him the way. There is hope yet for this fella.

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Catwoman (The Dark Knight Rises)

Batman sure knows how to pick his love interest. Catwoman is a Gotham City burglar and an adversary to Batman. However, a leopard doesn’t change its spots, and her good heart shines through when she is put in a tight spot. In the end, Catwoman aka Selina Kyle chooses to align herself with Batman to save Gotham City.

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Dr Evil (in the Austin Powers movies)

While he is the main antagonist in the movies, Dr Evil is not really that devious.

Like all single parents out there, he tries his best to connect with his teenage son. Anyone who has a song when feeding his cat (Mr Bigglesworth) can’t be (that) evil, right?

Also, his world domination plans don’t go accordingly because mankind is already doing a great job of killing the planet. (Destroy the ozone layer? Done that!)

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Severus Snape (in Harry Potter movies)

You wouldn’t want this professor as your teacher. His cold demeanour and sarcasm just chill his students to the bone.

As the story of Harry Potter progresses, however, Snape turns out to be a layered character whom we cannot categorise as a villain. By the time we get to Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince, we’ve come to care for Snape, shockingly.

As author JK Rowling said: “Snape is a complicated man … he was a flawed human being, like all of us.”

Need we say more?

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