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American Horror Story: Apocalypse Episode 2: Rubber Men and Robots?!

American Horror Story: ApocalypseSnake soup, anyone?
The full crossover aspect of this alleged crossover season of American Horror Story hasn’t yet happened, but there are definitely some meta things going on in…
E! Online (US) – Top Stories

Fazura asks Fattah: ‘How many girlfriends have you dated before?’

We know Fattah Amin and Fazura are multi-hyphenate stars who act, sing and venture into businesses. But can they be journalists, too?

After being interviewed by Star2, we gave them both the chance to be interviewers. They were tasked to ask each other five impromptu questions.

Check out the contents of their hilarious and insightful interview session.

Fattah Amin.

Hi Fattah, I’d like to know:

1. How many girlfriends have you dated before?

I can’t count. (The room collectively goes: “Ohhh!”)

2. What was the experience like being a prop master when you first started out?

It was really hard. It was very tiring. I almost felt like giving up. But I’m grateful. Being behind the camera led me to becoming an actor today.

3. What’s your favourite tea?

I used to love drinking teh ais but after getting married, I have to watch my waistline. I like drinking slimming tea now. My wife makes it for me every night.

4. Do you like getting a manicure?

Yes, my wife introduced me to it. And not just manicure, pedicure too. We get it done together.

5. Your favourite food?

The sambal petai udang my wife cooks.

(Also read: Celebrity couple Fattah Amin & Fazura to record duet album together )




Hi Fazura, I’d like to know:

1. Before you wanted to be an artiste, what did you want to be?

I wanted to be an air-stewardess.

2. How many handbags do you have?

I only have five. (Fattah interjects: “She’s lying”). OK, I’ll have to count when I get back home.

3. Your favourite handbag brand?

Chanel. I had my first Chanel bag when I was 12. I bought my first one when I was 16.

4. Coffee or tea?

Tea. I have 15 different types of tea at home. My favourite is green tea.

5. How many times a month do you do online shopping?

Twice a month. (Fattah interjects: “No! More than that”).

(Also read: Fattah Amin didn’t know if Fazura would say yes to his proposal)

Entertainment – Star2.com

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Meteor Garden 2018: 5 things we loved & 5 things we hated

Forty-nine episodes later (and my social life quickly collecting dust at a bottom shelf somewhere), I’m finally done with Meteor Garden (2018).

A remake of the 2001 Taiwanese drama of the same name, Meteor Garden chronicles the unexpected love story between a rich, hot-tempered college senior, Dao Ming Si, and a strong-willed Shan Cai who chooses not to be cowed by Si’s domineering ways.

I had a love-hate relationship with this expansive series. Here’s a breakdown of what I loved and hated about the show.


1. Dylan Wang’s portrayal of Dao Ming Si

I didn’t think I would like newcomer Dylan Wang’s portrayal at first, as actor Jerry Yan’s performance in the original was so memorable.

Yan’s interpretation had a cool guy vibe. While Wang also played it cool initially, as the show progresses, he brought a boyish and silly charm to the character that was quite endearing to watch.

Coming in to such a well-loved series, Wang had big shoes to fill for sure. Instead of walking in someone else’s, it’s a good thing he brought his own pair altogether.

2. Darren Chen’s turn as Hua Ze Lei

The original Hua Ze Lei, played by Vic Zhou, felt very serious and dark, with just brief moments of levity.

Darren Chen managed to balance between being dark and ominous with moments of humour and lightness that Zhou scarcely introduced in his portrayal – and it’s no easy feat.

Oh and I need to know what brand of lip balm he’s wearing. I don’t think I’ve seen a guy with such supple lips.

Image result for meteor garden 2018 gifs

3. Dee Hsu’s take on Dao Ming Zhuang

Dee Hsu, who plays Dao Ming Si’s older sister Dao Ming Zhuang, was the perfect combination of being fearsome and loving at the same time. She cracks the whip but she’s also hilarious – she deserves a spin-off of her own!

By the way, did you know that Dee Hsu is the younger sister of Barbie Hsu (who played the original Shan Cai)?

Image result for meteor garden 2018 gifs

4. The gorgeous visuals

First things first, I would like everything F4 wore. Whether it’s long, elaborate tweed coats or just a simple sweater, the character’s wardrobe reflected the fact that they’re actually rich kids (the original wasn’t as convincing in this aspect, owing to a tight budget).

The camera work, filming locations and overall production quality has improved leaps and bounds from the original too.

Image result for meteor garden shan cai gifs

5. The homage paid to the original Meteor Garden

Let’s just say a character appears at a restaurant towards the second half of the series that fans of the original Meteor Garden will know and love! He or she doesn’t have a big role but it’s a really nice touch. So nice it warrants an entire point on its own!


1. Shen Yue’s version of Shan Cai

This played a big part on why I didn’t like the new series as much as I did the original. I’ve talked about this before in my review here.

Shan Cai never shies away from giving Dao Ming Si a piece of her mind. While the original Shan Cai did so in order to restore justice to an unjust situation, there’s a sense that the 2018 Shan Cai did so because she was caught up in the heat of the moment.

Having said that, if I had kept an open mind on the new Shan Cai, I may have liked her more. But Barbie Hsu did such a great job I couldn’t shake her interpretation off.

Image result for bored gifs

2. The 323 million flashbacks and recaps

How many times do we have to hear Dao Ming Si tell Shan Cai, “even if you ran to Mars, I will still follow you.” We get it! You like her a lot, it’s borderline stalker-ish.

The series has a tendency to remind viewers about what a character said through long chunks of flashbacks. If a flashback is necessary (which was rarely the case), a short one-two liner from a past scene will do the job. Going back to the same scene over and over again, no matter how meaningful, waters down the impact.

3. The Mei Zuo-Caina storyline

It’s good that Mei Zuo, a less prominent member of F4 gets his own love story. But it was so hard to get through. One of the reasons why it didn’t work could be because an entirely new character, Caina, was brought into the picture.

And this entirely new character has an elaborate back story which involves another entirely new character. So that’s TWO characters that we do not care about suddenly waltzing their way in.

If Mei Zuo’s love interest was a character we saw since the beginning of the show (like the gossipy mean girls always hating on Shan Cai), things would be more interesting. Viewers would care more.

Image result for make it stop gifs

4. The same music on repeat

Not every scene in the series needs to be accompanied with a song. Sometimes silence works just fine. Nearly every other scene in Meteor Garden gets a song. And it’s the same few songs song over and over again – Bishop Briggs’ River, A Great Big World’s Say Something, Penny Tai’s Ni Yao De Ai and the cast’s For You. To be fair, I had this same problem with the original Meteor Garden too.

Oh and the most jarring of all is the use of Anyone Of Us (Stupid Mistake) – where Gareth Gates sings about feeling remorseful for cheating on his lover – on celebratory occasions.

5. The length

The new Meteor Garden was so long, it was frustrating. The story could’ve easily been told within 30 episodes. There’s so much that should’ve been cut out. Unimportant storylines like Mei Zuo and Caina’s, for starters.

Image result for stop talking gifs


And a tighter editing throughout the show should be adopted. For instance, whole episodes were dedicated to Shan Cai’s involvement in a cooking competition. The cooking competition was featured in such detail, I felt I was watching an episode of Masterchef at one point.

It had some sweet moments (one of Dao Ming Si’s physical characteristics inspires her dish). But as with the series as a whole, shorter is sweeter.

Meteor Garden is available for streaming on Netflix.

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‘Monstrum’ is first Korean monster flick feature set in Joseon era

Monstrum, a Korean monster action flick, started from a brief record in The Annals Of The Joseon Dynasty that a strange monster haunted the royal palace in 1527 during the reign of King Jungjong. The king ordered his men to hunt it down but to no avail, said the historical record.

“The film features an imaginary creature. We made the monster based on our own imagination,” Heo Jong-ho, who directed the movie, said during a promotional press conference in Seoul, South Korea, last month.

“But if there’s any difference, we got an idea from historical records.”

The Annals Of The Joseon Dynasty is a chronicle of the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) that covers the reigns of 25 kings during 472 years of history.

Jung Tae-won, CEO of Taewon Entertainment, which produced the film, said that he came up with the idea of cinematising the story upon hearing that someone was writing a novel inspired by the incident recorded in the annals.

“A few years ago, I heard a story during a meeting with my acquaintances that there is a writer who is working on a novel based on the story that King Jungjong even moved his palace because of the monster.

“I thought it could not be a true story at first. But after confirming this from the Annals of the Joseon Dynasty, I thought it could be a really good idea for a movie,” he said.

The producer then did everything to meet the writer and succeeded in persuading him to sign up with his studio to adapt his story into a film.

“Since there has been no quality Korean-style creature flick after The Host, I thought the design of the monster should be very important for this film,” Jung said.

So, it took a very long time for him and director Heo to design the monster based on the description in the annals and their own imaginations. The result was a mysterious animal that looks like “haetae,” a mythical creature known for symbolising justice and prevention of fires and disasters in Korea.

“We’re now considerably content with the design,” he added.

Veteran actor Kim Myung-min plays the lead character of Yoon Gyeom, the king’s loyal subject who goes after a monster endangering the monarch as well as a faction intent on removing him from the throne. Kim In-kwon plays Yoon’s right-hand man, Seong-han, on the search team.

Singer-actor Hyeri from popular K-pop group Girls’ Day plays one of the main roles in Monstrum.

The movie also has singer-actor Hyeri from popular K-pop group Girls’ Day as Yoon’s curious and fearless daughter, Myeong, and actor Choi Woo-sik as a military officer who visits Yoon to deliver the king’s order, respectively.

“The script was interesting and unique. The fact that I have to fight against an invisible opponent intrigued me. Also interesting was that the movie is based both on fiction and a true story,” said Kim Myung-min.

“I could see all the characters that I have since played in historical dramas in Yoon. There was something in common with what I played before, and I was drawn to the character which is neither too light nor heavy.”

This will be the first appearance on the silver screen by Hyeri.

“I felt the movie’s feature as a creature feature set in Joseon Dynasty was very attractive. It was an honour to work with such good actors who are senior to me.”

She said her first-ever action made her nervous at first but she ultimately enjoyed filming it and learning how to shoot an arrow. – The Korea Herald/Asia News Network

Catch this movie at Golden Screen Cinemas nationwide. Follow GSC on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Score free tickets to the Korean Film Festival in KL

The Korean Film Festival returns next week (Sept 27 to 30) with five movies, all screened at Malaysia’s first Samsung Onyx Cinema LED screen at Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) at Mid Valley Megamall in Kuala Lumpur

And a bonus? The screenings are all free for the public.

Just show a screenshot or a printout of this article at the ticketing counters of GSC Mid Valley starting today (Sept 20), and get two complimentary tickets to a movie of your choice, while stocks last.

This four-day Korean Film Festival in Kuala Lumpur is organised by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea.

In the spirit of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics earlier this year, and the debut of the joint North and South Korean women’s ice hockey team, check out Run-Off, a drama comedy on what it takes to form a national team.

The characters in this film are rather unlikely candidates: there are those who can barely skate, one is too old, another too young – and one among them is a North Korean defector. How will they overcome their differences?



For a good dose of history and drama, there is Dong Ju – The Portrait of Poet, which is a film based on Korea’s beloved poet, Yun Dong-ju, who died at the hands of Japanese colonialists.

Enter his world of turmoil, oppression and poetry in this black and white take on his life.

The Face Reader combines mystery, murder and the ancient tradition of face reading, in a sweeping tale of a power struggle and the ensuing chaos.

It boasts a star-studded lineup, including Lee Jung-jae, Kim Hye-soo, Song Kang-ho, Lee Jong-suk and Cho Jung-seok.

Of course, if you are gunning for something lighter, then Detective K: Secret Of The Lost Island might just be your cup of tea.

Follow top detective Kim Min as he attempts to track down the criminals behind counterfeit silver bars. It is action and laughs in a neat little package.  

Rounding up the selection for this year’s film festival is Green Days: Dinosaur and I, an animated film which was nominated at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival in 2011.

Set in a rural town in the 1970s, this charming coming-of-age story will win you over with its wide-eyed look at first love, growing pains, and hopes and dreams.


Green Days: Dinosaur and I.

All movies are in Korean with English subtitles.

For showtimes and more information: GSC or the Korean Embassy.

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‘Kamikaze’: Eminem gets cranky on surprise release




Is Kamikaze, Eminem’s new surprise-release follow-up to last year’s dismal Revival, as much of a dud as its predecessor? No.

For one thing, it’s a tighter and more disciplined effort, with only 11 songs (not counting the two phone call recording interludes with manager Paul Rosenberg) and livelier beats overseen by executive producer Dr Dre.

In announcing the album, the rapper tweeted that he “Tried not 2 over-think this 1,” and his 10th album (and ninth to top the Billboard charts) does benefit from an immediacy and sense of purpose that’s lacking since his turn-of-the-century glory days.

Unfortunately, Kamikaze’s immediate purpose is to lash out at everyone who put down Revival for the bloated failure that it is. Anyone who thinks artists don’t care what critics say should watch the video for The Fall, where Em works himself into a snit by reading his own press on his phone.

The opening track The Ringer rages about journalists “panning my album to death”. Kamikaze also picks fights with next-generation artists like Migos and Earl Sweatshirt, hitting a low point by attacking Tyler the Creator with a homophobic slur.

The 45-year-old rapper’s vaunted technical skills haven’t diminished: Kamikaze’s lyric sheet is full of interior rhymes and intricate switching up of rhythmic meter. But it’s also loaded with complaints about trends that have overtaken hip-hop since his heyday, from trap music to AutoTune.

Kamikaze is the rare Eminem album that sounds better if you don’t pay attention to the words. When you focus in, it sounds more like a get-off-my-lawn old man rant. But here’s the thing: It’s not his lawn. — Dan Deluca/The Philadelphia Inquirer/Tribune News Service

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Malaysian musician joins Victory Boyd’s all-female US band

The longest route is also the shortest way to success.”

These are the words of Malaysian pianist, Shereen Cheong Hui Ting who, at 23, literally has success at the tips of her fingers.

Cheong, who began playing the piano at the age of three, is now part of US singer-songwriter Victory Boyd’s all-female band. It has taken many years of consistent hard work and great perseverance to get where she is.

“The only way to make it is to stay grounded and humble, true and honest – not only to yourself but also to the people around you – and constantly striving to be the best that you can be, without ever giving up.

“Attitude is everything. Having a good work ethic is going to get you far in this industry,” shares the KL-born, New York-based Cheong in an e-mail interview.

Hunger for learning

She adds that, as a child, she was curious about everything and had a very strong desire to learn.

She credits her parents for having had the foresight to start her on piano lessons, as they understood the benefits of music instruction for a child’s brain development. She also learnt to play the violin.

Cheong was a classically trained pianist before transitioning to contemporary music.

Before she left for further studies in the United States, Cheong had attended the International College of Music (ICOM) in Kuala Lumpur, where she did the Berklee transfer programme. Well-known local jazz pianist Michael Veerapen was her instructor, whom she describes as “a most supportive mentor”.

In those early days, some of her most notable influences were Wang Lee Hom, Angela Zhang, the Bee Gees and local artistes Siti Nurhaliza and P. Ramlee.

When she started out in her music career, Cheong performed within Malaysia. She played the piano at Yamaha Music School concerts and festivals, and the keyboard at ICOM’s Tribute To Classic Rock concerts.

As her love for music grew, so did the number of artistes who inspired her, such as Bill Evans, Chick Corea, Brian McKnight and Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Last May, she received her Bachelor of Arts in Contemporary Writing And Production, as well as Music Business And Management, from Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts.

After her graduation last May, Cheong moved to New York.

“Well, I don’t drive in New York (haha), I just commute on the trains and buses,” she says. On her travels, she listens to music.

“You can find a lot of orchestral, jazz, soul and gospel music on my current playlist,” she adds.

The rose among the thorns, Cheong, and the band members for the production of The Cross And The Switchblade. Photo: Shereen Cheong

Wandering musicians

She met Boyd in December last year when Boyd performed at the Blue Note Jazz Club in New York.

“I remember attending the performance with my sister, and giving her (Boyd) my card. Little did I know that it would lead to (becoming part of her band),” shares the KL-born artiste.

Boyd, who turned 24 on Sept 1, had so impressed American rapper Jay-Z in 2016 with her incredible voice that he recently signed her to his label RocNation.

Boyd, the frontman and acoustic guitarist, then reached out to Cheong with an invite to join her jazz/soul/folk band as the keyboardist.

The other members are Boyd’s sister Thalia aka Momo, 19, who plays the bass, and drummer Taylor Moore, 29.

“It’s been so amazing and rewarding working with Victory. We’ve made so many unforgettable memories on each tour, and are constantly growing and bonding as a band,” says Cheong.

Together, they have set out on many tours in the United States, and played at notable music festivals, including the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Tennessee in June, and in the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans, Louisiana, in July.

The band has also performed with actor/singer Jussie Smollett (of TV drama Empire) on his Sum Of My Music tour, and co-headlined with Grammy award-winning jazz artiste Gregory Porter for a performance in New York’s Central Park SummerStage.

In June, they appeared on ABC’s popular TV show Good Morning America, for which they performed Open Your Eyes and The Weatherman from Boyd’s debut album The Broken Instrument.

Making Malaysia proud

In the United States, Cheong made her debut as an arranger and orchestrator of Volver and El Dia Que Me Quieras at Latin Grammy winner Pablo Ziegler’s concert at Berklee Performance Center, in Boston.

“I remember being the only Malaysian onboard. I had to arrange the music for a 45-piece live orchestra. I was nervous because it was my first time in a live setting but it was also a very proud moment to represent my country in a Grammy artiste’s concert,” expresses Cheong.

Later, she also had the privilege of performing alongside Mandopop star Wang Lee Hom on his classic song Big City Small Love in a concert held at the Boston Symphony Hall.

In May last year, she took the stage in Agganis Arena, also in Boston, conducting her own arrangement of Lionel Richie’s Three Times A Lady. It was the Berklee Commencement Concert, which her parents and sister attended.

When she moved to New York, Cheong joined the Times Square Church. Within a few months, she was invited to play the keyboard for the church’s 30th anniversary celebration production of The Cross And The Switchblade, which opened for six performances in October last year.


The band members (from left): Taylor Moore, Victory Boyd, Thalia Boyd and Shereen Cheong, on the TV show, “Good Morning America”. Photo: Shereen Cheong

Home is where the heart is

Although she has become a successful musician in the United States, Cheong’s heart is very much with her homeland.

Most recently, she has been collaborating with local singer Jamilah Abu Bakar on the musical arrangements and orchestration for her soon-to-be-released single Imaginasi.

“It all started out with a genuine friendship at Berklee. I’d drop by her place and we’d hang out together. She would always make me chicken curry. We started playing music together, and realised (we had) a natural chemistry.

“One day, I sent her this piano intro idea, and later she sent me a melody with lyrics, so I started building the arrangements from there.”

The exuberant Cheong, who enjoys watching cartoons and hopes to one day orchestrate for Walt Disney Productions, says: “I am very proud of my country – it is multi-racial, multi-religious and multi-cultural, yet so united and peaceful, and that’s what I portray through my artistry.

“My ultimate goal is to give back to society. I want to help the Malaysian music industry grow.”

Entertainment – Star2.com


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Jennifer Garner is back to kick some butts in ‘Peppermint’

Sydney Bristow is the reason Jennifer Garner became a superstar – that was the name of the sexy, shape-shifting spy she played on the hit television series Alias from 2001 to 2006.

But after graduating to big-screen action on the superhero flicks Daredevil (2003) and Elektra (2005), the actress put her butt-kicking career on ice – in large part because she married her Daredevil co-star Ben Affleck in 2005 and became a full-time mother to their three children, born between 2005 and 2012. The two have since divorced.

Her resume languished as a result, with Garner often consigned to either headlining small films, such as Miracles From Heaven (2016), or being a supporting player in bigger ones, including the Oscar-winning Dallas Buyers Club (2013) and Juno (2007).

But the 46-year-old returns to form with the action-packed Peppermint, (now at cinemas nationwide) and sees her taking centre stage again, this time as a woman who turns vigilante to avenge the murder of her husband and child.

Garner admits she had been itching to do something in this genre, which she has always adored.

“I knew I wanted to do an action movie. I felt I was in pretty good shape and that I still had this whole skill set that I haven’t been using.

“What I love about an action or fight scene is the stakes have to be so high in a movie that you have no choice but to start fighting someone or pull out a gun, and I love what gets you to that point,” she says.

Jennifer Garner with her children Violet, Seraphina and Samuel during a ceremony to unveil her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame last month. Photo: AFP

After playing the mum in a string of family-friendly films – including this year’s teenage coming-out drama Love, Simon and Alexander And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (2014) – Garner was searching for something with a bit more bite.

Action scripts “have come my way, of course, over the years, but it didn’t feel like the drama (in those) was strong enough to push the action. And this one did,” she says.

Peppermint came along at the right time as well. The son and two daughters she shares with former husband Affleck, 46, are old enough – aged 12, nine and six – that they do not need her around as much, and raising them was a big part of why she veered off the action-star track.

“For a while, all anybody wanted to talk to me about was action and I did (the 2007 action thriller) The Kingdom, Daredevil and Elektra, and then, I kind of took myself out of that and made a hard pivot,” she says.

“Also, I was having babies and it’s hard. I did The Kingdom when I was nursing my first child. I was wearing a flak jacket and we had to cut holes in the styrofoam so that it wouldn’t impede my milk production,” she says, laughing.

“Now my kids are bigger, they’re all in school and I can devote myself to a couple of hours of workout a day plus recovery plus training plus stretching, and still be a mum.”

Reporters know Garner as one of the most consistently cheerful celebrities you can interview in Hollywood, but her brows furrow when she is asked if people react differently to a woman rather than a man starring in a revenge fantasy.

“Isn’t that interesting?” she murmurs. “Because everyone has been so nervous (and asking me), like, ‘How are you going to talk about it?’

“Well, do you say that to (action star) Matt Damon? Do you say that to the men who are going out in their vigilante movies?”

And she adds, in a telling aside: “We’ll see if the world is ready for somebody they’ve forgotten used to be tough.”

This film has clearly brought out a steelier side to the star, who was so revved up doing action scenes that she sometimes fought with director Pierre Morel.

Don’t mess with Jennifer Garner in Peppermint. Photo: Filepic

“Pierre and I had an incredibly dynamic, loving and sometimes, combustible relationship, which is not something you will typically hear me say.

“I would get so heated – I mean, your adrenaline has to be going to take a hit and a punch, take after take,” says Garner, who did almost all the fight scenes and stunts herself.

When Morel – who helmed the action hit Taken (2008) – told her a hit did not look convincing, she would yell at him: “What do you mean it’s not a hit?”

“In that moment, I would have to say to him, ‘You’re not dealing with the mum next door – you’re dealing with somebody who’s in the middle of a fight.’”

And her subsequent words to the filmmaker could well be directed at anyone who doubts that she can kick butt on screen again: “I know you think of me as the girl that you met, but that’s not who you turned me into, so be careful.” – The Straits Times/Asia News Network

Entertainment – Star2.com

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Look out, Thanos: The first trailer for ‘Captain Marvel’ punches in!

Just last week, the first images from Marvel Studios’ upcoming Captain Marvel movie were released, and today, the first trailer from that hugely anticipated superhero has finally dropped.

The next movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) (the 21st one in the mega-franchise) starts out with Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers (a.k.a. Captain Marvel) falling from the sky, and we later learn that she may be from Earth, but she doesn’t quite remember her life on this planet. We see flashes of her past, and her life off-planet as part of the elite inter-galactic super-team called Star Force.

We also get a better look at Carol’s powers, which range from flight, super strength, and shooting energy beams from her hands. Kevin Fiege, head of Marvel Studios, has previously said that Carol will be THE most powerful hero in the  (sorry, Hulk and Thor).

(Also read: 50 years of Carol Danvers: From unknown to Captain Marvel)

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Fiege said: “She is more powerful than any character we’ve introduced thus far. So that alone tells you that there’s a reason Nick (Fury) hit that button at the end (of Infinity War), when he realised that they were up against something far bigger than they had ever been up against before. And having her on your side is hopefully going to change the balance of power in a way that they desperately need.”

The movie is set in 1990, with younger versions of Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury (with two eyes!) and Clark Gregg’s Phil Coulson, still very much alive (yes we know he’s still in the Agents Of S.H.I.E.LD TV show). We also get to see the ancient pagers Nick used to call Carol back with in THAT post-credits scene from Avengers: Infinity War.

Oh, and there’s also Captain Marvel punching a sweet little old lady on a bus, which we can only assume is actually one of the evil shape-shifting aliens called Skrulls (otherwise Captain Marvel’s going to have a lot of explaining to do).

Anyway, this first trailer has certainly upped the stakes for the MCU, not least because Carol is the MCU’s first female lead superhero, but also because she may be the only hero that can take Thanos head on. March 2019 can’t come sooner.

Brie Larson as Captain Mavel. Photo: Marvel Studios

Brie Larson as Captain Marvel. Photo: Marvel Studios

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