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Director Syafiq Yusof pulls no punches for horror thriller ‘Misteri Dilaila’

Director Syafiq Yusof is pulling no punches on his latest film, Misteri Dilaila. During an early screening of Misteri Dilaila, the press was greeted with the sight of a lush, sophisticated English country house, where most of the film is set. Syafiq revealed some RM300,000 (of the film’s total cost RM2.2mil) was spent on refurbishing […]

‘The Wrath’: An outdated remake of a horror classic

When I first learned that Apink’s Son Na-eun was going to star in The Wrath, a remake of the 1986 horror classic of the same name, I thought that K-pop star’s acting would ruin the film. I was clearly wrong. It wasn’t just Son that brought the whole film down. It was everything, from the […]


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6 spooky TV shows to appease your hunger for horror

It is a fact that Malaysians love the horror genre and, fortunately, this Halloween, there are plenty of shows to fulfil our hunger for the supernatural. All this month, Golden Screen Cinemas has been celebrating Screens Of Terror with its line-up of horror movies like Mandy, Beddua, Malicious and Sabrina. Opening at GSC cinemas nationwide […]

‘Rampant’: Horror meets hanboks in gory Korean zombie film

Do you enjoy Korean historical dramas? Are you captivated by the courtly intrigue and beautiful costumes of shows such as Jewel In The Palace and Moonlight Drawn By Clouds? Or perhaps you are a fan of zombie flicks. Are you excited at the thought of gory scenes such as those found in The Walking Dead […]

The Toyol haunts Nabila Huda & Bront Palarae in Asian horror series ‘Folklore’

Malaysian actor Bront Palarae doesn’t put much thought into pursuing a Hollywood career. “The things that aren’t in my control, I try not to think about it,” he says when asked if he has dreamt of expanding his career Stateside. “The things that are in my control, things that I can do to change my […]

This new series has been hailed as ‘the first great horror TV show’

It’s October and that means spooky TV shows like The Haunting Of Hill House are released just in time for Halloween. In other news, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend will take its final bow as its fourth and last season premieres. Read on about these shows (and more) and see why we’re excited about them. The Haunting Of […]

American Horror Story: Apocalypse Episode 2: Rubber Men and Robots?!

Snake soup, anyone? The full crossover aspect of this alleged crossover season of American Horror Story hasn’t yet happened, but there are definitely some meta things going on in… E! Online (US) – Top Stories

Malaysian-British funnyman Phil Wang is afraid of horror movies & loves char kuey teow

Comedian Phil Wang is not a fan of horror films. Nor does he understand people who actively seek out such movies in cinemas. “I don’t understand that impulse at all. I’ve never been frightened in real life and go (mimicking terrified noises), ‘Yeah, I’ll pay for that’.’’ The absurdity of scary movies is just one […]

Actress Maya Karin: “You can’t be a sissy when doing a horror film”

When Syamsul Yusof’s Munafik came out in 2016, it walked on uncharted territory … at least in the Malaysian film industry. Its DNA was made up of horror and religion, something that hadn’t been explored together in Malaysia before. His film excelled not only because it offered horror elements and clever twists. The audiences found […]

TIM CURRY ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW autograph 11×14 – COA Celebrity Authentics

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Actor Carlos Chan got a ‘helping hand’ while filming horror film ‘Buyer Beware’

Hong Kong actor Carlos Chan is such a charming fellow that even the spooks in Malaysia like him. We’re serious. How else would you explain his strange experience while filming Buyer Beware, which was shot here? While it may be nice to get a helping hand, surely it must be unsettling to get it from […]

“He gagged me with a condom”: Mira Sorvino recalls horror audition experience

Mira Sorvino, one of the first women to accuse Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault, continues to speak out about the expectations – and horrors – of the film industry. The 50-year-old actress opened up about her decades-long career in Hollywood, and how early her introduction began. “In looking back over at my career, I realised […]

‘Ghost Stories’: This British horror is smartly written and well-acted

The British movie Ghost Stories is based on a popular London play that earned the best kind of audience support: Throughout its long run, its spoilers have been preserved by appreciative patrons. Ads outside the theatres show only photos of the shocked reactions of the audience, so the content of the drama remains a mystery […]

Creator of ‘Saw’ and ‘Insidious’ turns to cyborg horror

Part man, part machine – the ultimate expression of humanity’s dominion over nature – cyborgs have been a staple of popular culture since they were unleashed in a short story by Edgar Allen Poe 175 years ago. Today they walk among us, in our movie theatres and in the real world, where pacemakers are prolonging […]

‘Hereditary’: Disturbing and creepy horror movie about a mother’s worst nightmare

Death finds a way to bring a family’s nightmares to life in the horror film Hereditary. When Annie’s (Toni Collete) mother Ellen dies from a long illness, she tries to help her family of four to cope with the loss. Particularly daughter Charlie (Milly Shapiro), who feels that no one will take care of her […]

5 horror movies from Asia to watch out for

There is just something that gives people the chills when it comes to Asian horror films. Although there have been Western flicks that scare the bejesus out of us (read: The Con­juring, The Exorcist and It), admittedly there is nothing quite like watching an Asian horror movie. Director Osman Ali theorises that even though Asians […]

Actress Siti Saleha recalls ‘creepy feeling’ on set of horror movie

Siti Saleha is usually not keen on acting in horror movies. But when an opportunity to work with director Razaisyam Rashid (of Mandatori TV series) along with stars like Namron and Ameerul Affendi arose, she couldn’t say no. She starred in Hamba Iblis, a horror telemovie which premiered on Astro this year. “I had the […]

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