The Toyol haunts Nabila Huda & Bront Palarae in Asian horror series ‘Folklore’

Malaysian actor Bront Palarae doesn’t put much thought into pursuing a Hollywood career. “The things that aren’t in my control, I try not to think about it,” he says when asked if he has dreamt of expanding his career Stateside. “The things that are in my control, things that I can do to change my […]

Oh, Nabila! A singer who cares for the environment

The practice of recycling should start at home. For actress Nabila Razali, she is used to recycling over the past few years. “My family separates food waste and recyclable items accordingly,” she said during a Bizibody recording session at her home recently, in support of a recycling campaign carried out by Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC). […]

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