Facial Recognition, Social Media Scouring Used to Vet National Guard

With 25,000 National Guard members set to protect D.C. for Joe Biden’s inauguration, each member has been subject to a heavy vetting, which includes high-tech facial recognition. Federal law enforcement sources tell us … FBI vetting — which is… TMZ.com

Iced Earth’s Jon Schaffer Arrested Over Capitol Riot, Allegedly Used Bear Spray on Cops

Jon Schaffer — the founder of heavy metal group Iced Earth — is now in federal custody, and as it turns out, he was one of the more hardcore rioters who raided the Capitol … according to the FBI, anyway. The feds say Schaffer turned himself in… TMZ.com

Mike Tyson Used Fake Penis To Pass Drug Tests, ‘Put My Baby’s Urine In It!’

How did Mike Tyson maintain a rock star lifestyle and still pass all his drug tests?! FAKE DONG!!! The boxing legend went in depth about how he was able to cheat the system on his “Hotboxin’” podcast this week … admitting he used a device called… TMZ.com

Hinge, Tinder Being Used to Get Out the Vote in Battleground States

Imagine opening up Hinge, Tinder or Grindr and the other person’s opening line being … who ya voting for? That’s exactly what’s happening … especially in battleground states. Tons of people are reportedly flooding to those datings apps to get… TMZ.com

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