K-pop band BTS worth RM15 billion a year to South Korea

South Korean boyband BTS are worth more than US$ 3.6bil (RM15bil) to the country’s economy every year – equivalent to the contribution of 26 mid-sized companies — a research institute said Tuesday. The floppy-haired songsters were also the reason that one in every 13 foreign tourists visited South Korea in 2017, the Hyundai Research Institute […]

‘Mortal Engines’: Worth the sum of all its moving parts

What is the true measure of a film adaptation of a book? Is it one that stays as faithful as it can to the book (like the first two Harry Potter movies), or one that tweaks the story but stays true to the spirit of the book (like the last few Harry Potter movies)? Whatever […]

Michelle Williams realises her own worth

Michelle Williams can’t believe it’s been less than a year since “the pay stuff”. Time has seemingly accelerated since last October when, while shooting the comic book movie Venom, the unimaginable began to happen: Titans of her industry started to fall under #MeToo. Then months later, after reshoots for All The Money In The World, […]

‘Billionaire Boys Club’: Certainly worth investing your time in

They say that money is the root of all evil. But it’s when you’re broke that you think of the most evil things. Desperate men, after all, resort to desperate things. And the truth of this can be seen in Billionaire Boys Club, a film where a gang of cash-strapped kids end up committing murder. […]

Penny Tai’s homecoming concert will be worth every penny

It has been almost eight years since Penny Tai held a major concert in Malaysia, so she is hoping that her upcoming show in August will be extra memorable for her fans. “I’ve been back here for smaller shows in the past few years, but my last big one was in Genting Highlands back in […]

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