You don’t want to mess with the women of ‘Widows’

Move aside Ocean’s 8, there’s a new heist in town. This time, it features four women under the direction of Steve McQueen (12 Years A Slave). He co-writes Widows – based on a 1983 British TV crime drama – with bestselling author Gillian Flynn (Gone Girl, Sharp Objects).

Set in contemporary Chicago, the film introduces the audience to Veronica (Viola Davis), Alice (Elizabeth Debicki) and Linda (Michelle Rodriguez) – three women who become widows when their husbands die in a robbery gone wrong.

Now other crooks want their share of the money that none of the wives got to see. So, Veronica hatches a plan with the other two widows and pal Belle (Cynthia Erivo) to pull off a risky heist. In an interview on, McQueen said: “For me, the movie is about a rollercoaster ride.

But, on the rollercoaster ride, it’s from A to Z. You stop at certain locations which tell us about the environment we’re in and the predicament these women have to challenge in order to get to their destination.”

Widows is scheduled to open at GSC cinemas nationwide on Nov 15.

‘Are we blending in yet?’

‘I wish Sandra Bullock was driving the bus so it would move faster.’

‘May I just know where you keep your Oscar statuette please?’

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