2 Malaysian films to screen at the New York Asian Film Festival

A film that has yet to get a screening date in Malaysia is already travelling internationally through various film festivals. Namron’s Crossroads: One Two Jaga – which tackles police corruption, resulting in various abuse of power including discrimination against foreign workers in Malaysia – is currently shown at New York Asian Film Festival (NYAFF).

It previously played at Far East Film Festival in Udine, Italy, as well as Shanghai Film Festival in China.

Director Namron – who is in New York to attend the screening and the Q&A session (July 11) – said that he is excited to share the film with the NYAFF audience.

“The audience responded positively to the film when we screened it at the Far East Film Festival and Shanghai Film Festival.

“They were keen to learn more about the film and Malaysia during the Q&A session in Shanghai. I hope the audience at NYAFF will also find the film interesting,” he said in an e-mail interview from New York.

It was thanks to his participation in Far East Film Festival – where Crossroads made its world premiere – that gave Namron access to NYAFF.

He explained: “The sponsors were interested to bring the film to New York, and I was informed it was selected for the festival’s main competition section.”

Namron is in New York attending the New York Asian Film Festival. Photo: Filepic

Namron is in New York attending the New York Asian Film Festival. Photo: Filepic

At NYAFF, Crossroads is up for the Tiger Uncaged Award for Best Feature Film, alongside Blood Of Wolves (Japan), Liverleaf (Japan), The Looming Storm (China), Men On The Dragon (Hong Kong), Microhabitat (South Korea), and Respeto (Philippines).

The film stars Zahiril Adzim and Rosdeen Suboh as two police officers with opposing views. Tension escalates between them as they are tasked with handling immigrant problems in the city. Indonesian actors Ario Bayu (Soekarno) and Asmara Abigail (Pengabdi Setan) co-star.

The project began in 2015 with securing of fund. It began production in 2016 and was completed last year.

“The film’s producer Bront Palarae is currently in talks to get a screening date in Malaysia. For the record, Crossroads: One Two Jaga has already been approved by the Censorship Board. There are also plans to screen the film at a couple of other film festivals including Japan and Poland,” the director added.

Besides Crossroads, Dain Said’s film Dukun is also getting its spotlight at NYAFF (July 13). The horror-thriller was shot in 2006, and was only shown in Malaysian cinemas April this year. It earned RM1.5mil at Malaysia box office on the first day of its release.

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