Lights, camera, combat! The Malaysian armed forces in films over the years

Paskal The Movie isn’t the first movie to feature the country’s military, although it is the first to highlight Paskal (Pasukan Khas Laut), an elite force of the Royal Malaysian Navy.

Movies about armed forces go back as far as Tan Sri P. Ramlee’s Sarjan Hassan (1958), a film centring on a patriot standing against the Japanese during its occupation of Malaya.

Another unforgettable movie is Tan Sri Jins Shamsudin’s Bukit Kepong (1981), which is based on true events.

There’s a reason why men and women serving within the Malaysian Armed Forces, Malaysian Enforcement Agency and Malaysian Special Operations Force are a constant feature in films.

Films revolving around them can easily be subdivided as a thriller, crime drama, action, procedural drama and comedy.

Here are some of the recent films highlighting men in uniform who choose to put their lives at risk for our safety.


Zizan Razak stars as a policeman in Polis Evo. Photo: Filepic

The Royal Malaysian Police

Last month’s release One Two Jaga could very well be the best Malaysian film of 2018. Its central storyline delves into the lives of two policemen. One is a newbie with an idealistic view about justice, and the other is a jaded cop who takes bribes from small businesses.

Other films featuring police officers in the Top 30 of Malaysian box office are Polis Evo, KL Special Force and J Revolusi.

There are also many films and TV series on the Gerak Khas Unit, that carry the title Gerak Khas.

Next up is Operasi X (Nov 1), starring Aaron Aziz, Awie, Yusof Haslam, Nasir Bilal Khan and Hairul Azreen.

It tells of a policeman who quits his job after watching his best friend die during a mission. Away from the job he finds peace and love. But his services is needed once again to take down a drug kingpin.

Hairul stars in Qhaliq. Photo: Filepic

Fire And Rescue Department Of Malaysia

There is only one local movie to date which features firefighters – this year’s Qhaliq from director Rosli Mohd Taib, starring Haizul Azreen and Aliff Yasraff. It focuses on firefighters’ work and sacrifices.

Malaysian Armed Forces

When it comes to films about armed forces, one need to look no further than the history books. Paskal, Bravo 5 and Malay Regiment are based on real events.

The 2015 Bravo 5 tells of how five men went about putting a stop to plans hatched by the Communist Party in 1989. The film is dedicated to the men in green.

Meanwhile last year’s Malay Regiment focuses on two operations that happened in 1946 and 1976 (Ops Kota Gubir I dan II), where soldiers risked their lives going against the communists.

Remy Ishak leads the cast in Bravo 5. Photo: Empire Film Solution

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