Siti Saleha goes into action mode in ‘Extreme Ends’

Although Siti Saleha has never been interested in doing a reality series, her curiosity was piqued when she was offered a chance to participate in KIX’s action-adventure programme Extreme Ends. This is because the series combines three of her loves – her husband, travelling and extreme activities.

Extreme Ends sees the actress and hubby Ahmad Lutfi Azhar flying to Hong Kong to try a few of the extreme activities available on the island.

As it turns out, there were a lot of firsts for Siti.

“It’s my first time in Hong Kong, my first time shooting a show with my husband and my first time doing a reality series,” the 28-year-old offered.

“For the show, I had to play a war game using a BB gun, which I had never done before. It seems BB gun war games are popular in Hong Kong. I didn’t know that! I also went hiking, which was another first for me.”

Siti and Lutfi are one of four duos featured in the four-episode series; other celebrities include host Patricia Gouw from Indonesia, popstar Gun Ratchanon from Thailand and Filipino actor Enchong Dee, each going on the adventure with their respective guests.

As for the two Malaysians, viewers can see what they are up to in Episode Three titled Day & Night.

The couple also has a romantic outing in Hong Kong.

“Lutfi and I shot our scenes separately because I did the night segment and he did the day. So, he didn’t know what I was doing, I didn’t know what he was doing. We weren’t allowed to talk about it either which was awkward when we met in our room,” Siti shared with a laugh.

Since the two have only been married for a year – their wedding took place in July 2017 – the producer decided to add a touch of romance to their episode.

“The producer asked a lot of personal questions, like how did Lutfi propose, and what was the wedding reception like?

“For one of our activities on the show, we had to guess what the other likes to eat. I got two guesses right,” continued the Malay-English beauty.

According to Siti, at one point during filming, Lutfi got down on his knees and “said a bunch of romantic things”.

The Nora Elena actress elaborated: “The producer found out that Lutfi didn’t have a ring when he proposed to me.”

Siti, however, has not seen the finished product so she has no clue what made it into the show.

“I have no idea what made the final cut. My first try at the BB gun war game, I didn’t have my hat on although I was in a full army gear, and I got shot on my forehead. One time too, I dived to avoid getting shot. Well it was more like I fell,” she said.

Siti Saleha with husband Ahmad Lutfi Azhar arriving in Hong Kong.

“I am a Pisces. So water sports is more up my alley. When they gave me the BB gun and I was put in the war zone, I panicked. But that’s what they wanted, a transformation – from someone who had no idea to someone who could kind of do it. So, I just went for it.”

Since Siti and Lutfi weren’t told anything about what they would do on the show, they hit the gym prior to shooting in preparation.

“What I have discovered doing the show is I am not as fit as I thought I was (laughs).”

To prepare for the show, Siti Saleha hit the gym.

An avid traveller, Siti said she loves going to Europe, especially Britain, where her mother lives. “As long as I have the energy, and I have the money, I want to travel,” she surmised, saying that she loves taking lots of photos anywhere she goes.

Next up, Siti is heading to Bandung, Indonesia for the series she is currently involved in.

“It’s a TV3 drama series titled Jika Masih Ada Rindu. I play a woman who has just divorced her husband. But then, her ex-husband gets into an accident and only remembers the early years of marriage. He thinks he is still married to my character.”

As for Extreme Ends, she concluded: “I only knew Hong Kong as a high-density island, where people go for work. I didn’t know they had extreme sports like rock climbing which I would’ve loved to try. So, if I do go back I want to try that and learn more about Hong Kong.

She added: “Sharing this experience with Lutfi was sweet. Lutfi proposed after just seven months of being together.

So, through Extreme Ends, we got to know each other even better. It was fun to do the show because we have a good balance and we challenge each other.”

Extreme Ends premieres on Oct 17 at 9.30pm on KIX HD (Astro Ch 729), and airs every Wednesday.


This is the actress’ first time in Hong Kong, and she says she wants to visit the island again.

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