Police Chase Ends with Heartfelt Hug Between Cop and Driver

A wild police pursuit in Kentucky ended in a most unique way … when an officer hugged the distressed driver instead of slapping handcuffs on her. Body cam footage captured the conclusion of a cop chase that reportedly spanned 2 counties… TMZ.com

Smart & Final Ends Employee COVID Sick Pay, Most Workers Not Vaccinated

Smart & Final’s leaving workers twisting in the wind as the pandemic rages on … the grocery chain put the kibosh on COVID sick pay before most employees could even get the vaccine. Corporate blasted out an email to employees Thursday… TMZ.com

Rosie O’Donnell Praying Trump Does Prison Time After Term Ends

Rosie O’Donnell is just days away from being able to declare victory over her longtime nemesis, President Trump, and says the cherry on top would be him standing trial and going to prison. Rosie was at LAX Monday when she opened up about how she’s… TMZ.com

State Dept. Website Claims Trump Presidency Ends Monday Night

The State Department appears to be cutting short President Trump’s time in office — its official site briefly said he’s out as POTUS starting Monday night. On Trump’s official page, the U.S. DOS had the following listed under his bio in bold,… TMZ.com

Walmart Brawl Ends with Woman Stomped On, Knocked Out Cold

Shopping rage isn’t easing up in the pandemic — a shouting match inside a Walmart turned violent, and ended with a woman getting stomped in the face. You can see in the video, this confrontation between 2 women went from zero to 100 real quick in… TMZ.com

Empire’s Sort-Of Series Finale Ends on a Happy Note for the Lyons

Empire has come to an end. Sort of. Maybe. But also maybe not. The Fox drama was in the middle of shooting its second to last episode ever when production had to shut down due to the… E! Online (US) – Top Stories

Siti Saleha goes into action mode in ‘Extreme Ends’

Although Siti Saleha has never been interested in doing a reality series, her curiosity was piqued when she was offered a chance to participate in KIX’s action-adventure programme Extreme Ends. This is because the series combines three of her loves – her husband, travelling and extreme activities. Extreme Ends sees the actress and hubby Ahmad […]

Roseanne’s TV Apology to Valerie Jarrett Ends with an Insult About Her Haircut

Roseanne Barr took a crack at an on-air apology to Valerie Jarrett for posting a racist tweet about her, but it didn’t go too well … especially at the very end. Roseanne was speaking on Sean Hannity’s show Thursday night about her… TMZ.com

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