Kardashians Give ‘KUWTK’ Crew Rolex Watches After Final Episode

The Kardashians are showing major gratitude for the folks behind the scenes of their reality show … gifting the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” crew classic timepieces. ‘Keeping Up’ finished shooting the final episode last Friday, and… TMZ.com

Pelosi Set to Give Pence 24 Hours to Invoke 25th Amendment on Trump

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi just laid her party’s plan for removing President Trump from office … and the ball is moving quick, with a 24-hour deadline for VP Mike Pence to act. Pelosi sent a letter Sunday to her fellow Dems, and she says that on… TMZ.com

New Body Cam Video Shows Cops Failed to Give Andre Hill First Aid for 10 Minutes

Andre Hill, the black man who was shot and killed by a Columbus, Ohio cop, lay dying for a full 10 minutes before he received ANY first aid from officers … this based on newly-released body cam video. In an horrific scene …. you see 47-year-old… TMZ.com

Cincinnati Police Give All Clear After Suspicious RV Outside Federal Building

Cops have cleared the scene without incident. The roads in downtown have also reopened. Phew! Cincinnati cops are taking no chances … they’ve just closed several streets to investigate a suspicious RV … in wake of the explosion that rocked… TMZ.com

Missy Elliott Drops $1,300 to Give Bride Her Dream Dress

Missy Elliott’s helping dreams come true for a bride-to-be on a tight budget … by covering the cost of the wedding dress she’d been eyeing. Ireanna Bradshaw’s getting married in March, but she and her fiance, Roderick Purdie, are also trying to… TMZ.com

‘The Hate U Give’: The YA movie that could score an Oscar nom

Cases of police brutality in the United States, whether alleged or proven, have been consistently making news headlines. For those of us living outside of the US who merely read about them from afar, they can feel like just another depressing headline appearing on our social media feed. The Hate U Give, based on the […]

Veteran actor Wan Hanafi Su is not ready to give up acting

Actor Wan Hanafi Su is currently juggling multiple acting projects – one of which is the upcoming period piece The Garden Of Evening Mists, a project he is truly excited to be part of. “I want the experience. It doesn’t matter that I only got a small part in the film – it’s wonderful to […]

Jason Mraz wants to give the world a hug with his music

LOVE, peace, happiness, success … Jason Mraz wants you to have it all. The 41-year-old singer-songwriter recently released a new single called Have It All, which was inspired by a Buddhist blessing he received back in 2012. Although he finished the song with fellow songwriters David Hodges and Jkash the following year, it would take […]

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