Jeezy Hopes Verzuz Battle Helps Hip-Hop Culture Reflect on Senseless Killings

Jeezy’s had enough of his culture being linked to guns, feuds, violence and death — and he says his highly-viewed Verzuz episode was a chance to address those issues. The rapper told us what the real takeaway should be from Thursday night’s…

Lil Pump Says He’s Ignoring Hip-Hop Haters, Still Endorsing Trump

Lil Pump is blocking out haters who don’t like his political views … he’s focusing on what 4 more years of President Trump means for him, and he’s loving it!!! We got the rapper pulling up to Trump’s Washington D.C. hotel on Election Day in a red…

Is hip-hop star Drake singing a song about Kuala Lumpur?

Start spreadin’ the news: When it comes to love songs about cities, there’s one that’s king of the hill. In a ranking of the world’s most “sung-about cities”, New York took the top spot, followed by London, Los Angeles, Paris and Miami. The list is based on lyrics from more than 200,000 English-language songs that […]

Malaysian hip-hop artiste Alif is still sleek after leaving Sleeq

For about a decade, hip-hop artiste and producer Muhammad Alif Abdullah was such a part of musical duo Sleeq, he was often referred to as Alif Sleeq. Alif and his cousin Syarif, who are both from Singapore, started Sleeq in 2005 and went on to produce numerous hits, notably, Sesaat Kau Datang with the popular […]

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