‘Lips On Lips’: K-pop star Tiffany Young delivers good pop songs with bad enunciation

Tiffany Young Lips On Lips Transparent Arts Of all the Girls’ Generation members, Tiffany Young is probably the one with the most international appeal. The Korean-American ticks all the K-pop crossover boxes: She speaks flawless English, has an easygoing California girl-next-door vibe and commands a respectable global fan base. If anything, her departure from SM […]

5 of the most stylish and standout K-pop stars

Fashion and music are never far apart from the spate of collaborations, endorsements and stars having their own fashion brands. Korean stars, specifically K-pop, however, take it to another level. Their music videos can boast a series of different outfits, the more the better and as much colour as possible. Then there’s actually a thing called […]

The ultimate beginner’s guide to BTS, the world’s biggest K-pop group

Catching up with the breakneck speed of the BTS’ career can feel overwhelming, but you have to start somewhere. Here is a guide that will tell you everything you need to know about BTS. Or if you are simply wondering about the hype around the band, allow us to enlighten you. Who is BTS? BTS […]

K-pop band Seventeen heating up Pavilion KL tomorrow

It’s going to be a hot Saturday in Kuala Lumpur tomorrow (Feb 16) for reasons other than the weather. South Korean band Seventeen is scheduled to make an appearance at the Centre Court, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur at 3pm tomorrow. The 13-member band will be at the venue in conjunction of the official launch of the […]

So you think you can be a K-pop star? Here’s the gruelling process

Lee Jong-im, a pop culture expert and author of Idol Trainees’ Sweat And Tears, goes beneath the surface of the heavily fortified K-pop industry and lays bare some ugly truths about the challenging idol training system. Sitting down at a cafe in central Seoul, she shared valuable insight gained through months of research and numerous […]

The seven-year curse: why K-pop girl groups don’t last

Recently, Sojin of South Korean girl group Girl’s Day gave notice to leave the Dream T Entertainment label. Her contract expires this month. Fans reacted in shock, with many questioning whether this was the beginning of the end of the nine-year-old quartet, which had survived the notorious “seven-year curse” that dogs idol acts in Korea. […]

K-pop band BTS worth RM15 billion a year to South Korea

South Korean boyband BTS are worth more than US$ 3.6bil (RM15bil) to the country’s economy every year – equivalent to the contribution of 26 mid-sized companies — a research institute said Tuesday. The floppy-haired songsters were also the reason that one in every 13 foreign tourists visited South Korea in 2017, the Hyundai Research Institute […]

BTS, Red Velvet among best K-pop of year, according to Billboard

Wrapping up 2018, Billboard released two lists, one ranking the 20 best K-pop albums and the other for songs. BTS, Red Velvet and Shinee’s Jonghyun were especially recognised atop the lists. Billboard picked BTS’ Love Yourself: Answer as the best K-pop album of the year. “BTS has risen to the top of the global music industry,” […]

K-pop girl group BlackPink adds extra show in Malaysia

Due to overwhelming response, K-pop girl group BlackPink has added an extra show to its upcoming Malaysian concert date in February. Part of its BlackPink 2019 World Tour, the additional show will be held on Feb 24, the day after the first concert, which will be held on Feb 23, 2019, at Malawati Indoor Stadium, […]

K-pop group BTS gets first Grammy nomination … but not for its music

The past year was a banner one for K-pop in the U.S., with BTS becoming the first South Korean act to land atop the Billboard album charts. Love Yourself: Tear hit the chart milestone in May for an album universally applauded as a sleek, inventive statement piece for contemporary K-pop. If K-pop were ever to […]

Psy is top earner in K-pop

Who are the K-pop celebrities who have amassed the most wealth? According to E! Online, the top five are: 1. Psy (RM188mil) Psy (pic) galloped his way to the bank after he hit the jackpot with 2012 hit Gangnam Style. The video has since logged 3.2 billion views on YouTube. His recent album 4×2=8 continues […]

DDU-DU DDU-DU! K-pop girl group BlackPink is coming to Malaysia

Hugely popular K-pop girl group BlackPink will be hitting Malaysia next February for its first ever concert here. Part of its BlackPink 2019 World Tour, the Malaysian show will be held on Feb 23, 2019, at Malawati Indoor Stadium, Shah Alam, Selangor. Comprising members Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa, and Rosé, BlackPink is one of the most […]

K-pop singer Goo Ha-ra allegedly assaulted boyfriend for wanting to break up

Singer Goo Ha-ra, who shot to stardom as a member of the K-pop group KARA, now faces a public image crisis amid a dating violence scandal after her boyfriend alleged she assaulted him for wanting to break up. Her image suffered severe damage over the weekend after her boyfriend spoke with Chosun Ilbo and shared […]

Dua Lipa collaborates with K-pop girl group Blackpink

British pop star Dua Lipa has confirmed that she will be collaborating with K-pop girl group Blackpink on a new song. Lipa, 23, shared in a tweet on Sept 4 that she will be releasing a super deluxe edition of her eponymous debut studio album, which was first released in June 2017, with three new […]

‘Summer Nights’: K-pop girl group Twice needs to grow up

Twice Summer Nights JYP Entertainment The average age of all nine members in Twice is about 21. For many young women, that would be an age of legal emancipation, emotional maturity and self-discovery. But those ideals are far removed from the cutesy template of this nine-track offering. Summer Nights is a reissue of the group’s […]

K-pop groups iKON & Winner coming to Malaysia in October

The weekend of Oct 13 and Oct 14 is bound to be a memorable one for K-pop fans as the Korean groups iKON and Winner are scheduled to perform in Malaysia as part of their tours. The iKON 2018 Continue Tour will take place on Oct 13 (Saturday) while the Winner 2018 Everywhere Tour happens […]

K-pop groups iKON and Winner to perform in Malaysia in October

The weekend of Oct 13 and Oct 14 is bound to be a memorable one for K-pop fans as the Korean groups iKON and Winner are scheduled to perform in Malaysia as part of their tours. The iKON 2018 Continue Tour will take place on Oct 13 (Saturday) while the Winner 2018 Everywhere Tour happens […]

K-pop boy band Highlight sees fashion as a lifestyle choice

Guys, have you ever thought about dressing up like K-pop stars? Then maybe it is time you check out Spao’s collection of trendy wardrobe essentials for Autumn/Winter 2018. The South Korean fashion label has just appointed popular boy band Highlight to front the new season’s campaign in Malaysia – just perfect for those needing some […]

K-pop group Wanna One fires up fans in KL show

K-Pop shows are known for full-on screaming from the fans. And this was true at Wanna One World Tour (One: The World) at Axiata Arena, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur on Saturday night, which had the loudest screams yet. Opening its show with the message “One sound, One heart, One dream”, Wanna One got to witness […]

7 K-pop acts to play at K-Wave 3 Music Festival

K-pop fans in Malaysia can now look forward to another wave of South Korean cuties as seven K-pop acts have confirmed to be playing at the K-Wave 3 Music Festival next month. This time around, the concert will be held at an indoor venue: Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam, Selangor. The previous events were conducted at […]

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