‘The First Scene’: Girls Generation’s Yuri’s sex appeal shines on solo debut

The First Scene
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Of all the Girls’ Generation members, Kwon Yuri – better known by the stage name Yuri – is probably the least likely one would expect to launch a solo music career.

The veteran K-pop idol is better known for her role as the dancer of the group as well as her occasional acting ventures. Thus, the release of this five-track mini album from the 28-year-old does come as a bit of a surprise.

On The First Scene, Yuri has her eyes set on a solo musical spotlight and the result is mixed at best. At its lowest point, the record is mired in awfully dull ballads.

Opener and lead single Into You starts off on the premise of tropical house stylings. If there are any signs of derivativeness at all on the mid-tempo number, that’s because sonically, the song doesn’t deviate much from the electronic elements teased on Always Find You (a collaboration with producer Raiden) and Secret (a collaboration with bandmate Seohyun).

This sort of lukewarm introduction into the set is further worsen by the presence of slow jams that make up half of the tracklist on The First Scene.

While Yuri has a decent singing voice, she lacks the rich timber and soul of Girls’ Generation’s primary vocalists such as TaeyeonTiffany Young and Seohyun. When she tackles the tender Chapter 2 or dreamy Ending Credit (To Be Continued), her breathy vocals simply don’t do the emotive numbers any justice.

But if there’s any redeeming quality at all about this debut, it would be the smouldering Illusion. Yuri’s sex appeal shines as she coos through the deceptively simple and seductive composition.

Sexy does it for Yuri. And if this newly minted soloist learns to exercise more lust-fuelled pop aspirations, she is poised to be a major sex symbol in the innuendo-filled K-pop scene.

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