The secret to Awal Ashaari’s well-dressed style is his wife

He is frequently seen around town at some of the most happening events. The man attends fashion weeks as well, which simply means that his dressing has to be on point all the time.

Yet, Awal Ashaari seems to not take fashion all too seriously. Or rather, he knows how to play around with his style and prefers to have fun when it comes to the clothes he wears.

“I’m more of a comfortable, mix and match, wearing the right thing to the right occasion kind of guy. There isn’t a specific look that I go for,” the Malaysian actor and TV host points out.

“It really depends on how I feel at a particular time. I see myself as a blank canvas. I camouflage well when it comes to fashion and style. I also adapt easily to different trends.”

This interview and shoot, which took place at the glamorous new Michael Kors boutique in Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur, shows Awal dressed in the latest ready-to-wear from the Michael Kors Autumn/Winter 2018 collection.

According to 37-year-old, he is really into streetwear right now. He thinks it is easy to pull off and the relaxed aesthetic happens to be something that he identifies with.

“It helps that streetwear is a style anyone can adopt without much fuss. The pieces are extremely easy to wear. Loose and comfortable, they help me feel at ease when I’m out and about.”

‘Call Her My Fashion Guru’

Awal Ashaari

Awal Ashaari in essentials from the Michael Kors Autumn/Winter 2018 collection.

So, what is his secret to not ending up a fashion disaster? Awal reveals he looks to his wife, actress Scha Alyahya, 35, for advice. She does not exactly pick out what he wears, but has a say on the matter.

“When she questions me about what I’m wearing, I get the message,” he states, laughing. “I trust her sense of style though, she has an eye for trends and knows what works – or not.”

Both Awal and Scha have long been known as a power couple in Malaysia. Together with their four-year-old daughter, Lara Alana, they have a major presence on social media.

“I”ll always teman (accompany) my wife when she goes shopping, and she’ll point out what’s currently ‘in’ when it comes to fashion. So, you can call her my fashion guru,” Awal says.

The two were spotted recently attending the Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2019 show at New York Fashion Week. There, they even managed to meet the celebrated designer himself.

“Attending the runway show was exciting. I spoke to Michael Kors and found him a very warm and nice person. We even managed to get a photo with him!” Awal gushes.

“I’ll be honest and say that I actually didn’t realise that Michael Kors was so huge there.

I knew it was a popular brand but the Americans really love Michael Kors – really, really love it.”

Comparing the different cities in Asia, Europe and the US, he notes that New York men are more relaxed in their dressing. Although he admits they’re still extremely fashionable.

“Japanese men who love fashion can be a little flashy. European men are, of course, snappy dressers. The guys I saw on the streets in New York? They prefer comfortable, well put-together clothes,” he states.

Keeping Up With Fashion

Awal Ashaari Awal Ashaari

When asked about his wardrobe essentials, Awal says every guy should have lots of white T-shirts and shirts. That, and a pair of comfortable sneakers and good, polished dress shoes.

On the subject of his career, he reveals that he is currently busy with projects for television.

He and his wife are also planning to launch a new fashion line in the near future.

“I’m in discussions, where I’m trying to come up with my own TV programme. A talk show kind of thing that covers lifestyle matters, which of course, will include fashion,” he explains.

“Scha and I, we are both very adventurous. We like to try different things. Experimenting with fashion, for example. So we hope that we can translate that into our new line.”

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